German Shepherd Puppies for Sale


We do not like to sell puppies sight unseen. If you travel to us, we will work closely with you for three to four days to see if the pup is a good fit for you. If you are unable to come to us, we will bring your puppy to you. The delivery fee consists of a round trip plane ticket for the handler, the cost of the hotel room for the number of days required for the transfer. If we drive the pup to you, the charge is the hotel and the day fee which covers time and gas charges. The handler will stay 2-5 days and will help introduce the pup to its new home and offer training for the new team, where applicable. If for any reason you do not think the pup or young trained adult is a fit for you and your family, the handler will return home with the pup and your purchase price will be refunded. We do not refund the travel expenses. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are happy, the pup will be happy, and we will have served you both well.


Baby puppies at ten weeks of age are $ 5,500. Each pup will have moved through an enriched upbringing, which includes preschool, kindergarten, socialization, and basic pup obedience (sit, down, stay, here, and leash trained). Puppies are taught a learning language that makes any further training an easy and smooth experience for puppy and the new handler. We also offer additional obedience training and public access or public skills packages.


Young Trained Puppies and Young Trained Dog reservations Are Available on a Limited Basis during 2024






12 Weeks

Trained Puppies and dogs can be can reserved before hitting the site so please email for updates. We will be happy to go over who is available. We also source pups for training from breeders we work closely with. If you need a very specific energy level, personality, or other charcateristics we will find a pup that fits your needs and then begin the education process. We will also work with you if you need another breed besides a German Shepherd because of allergy issues or a breed preference. We will educate the dog who fits the best within your family.



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