Our Females

Jasmine Of Tre’Good

Dm N/N, Embark Clear. OFA Pending

Jasmine is a PTSD/Anxiety support dog. She is a third-generation Tre’Good German Shepherd. Jazzy goes everywhere with her handler including long days at work surrounded by people and occasional dogs. She is at the finished/Proficient training level meaning she works at her handlers job off-leash. She is exceptionally intelligent, kind, and calm while maintaining her German Shepherd power and protection of her handler. She is an exceptional girl and we expect her pups to carry on her excellent qualities.



Tasha’s Pedigree



If her magnificent, large, chiseled head and intelligent, piercing gaze are not enough, her intellect and sensitivity are off the scale. Tasha is a diabetic medical alert service dog. To date, she has 100% accuracy. She will even wake from a sound sleep to alert her handler. She is what we call a keen dog. She has learned so many commands that her ability to learn a new command comes with only two to three repetitions. She has a strong desire to please her handler but is also able to think for herself in tough situations. She is everything we look for in a German Shepherd. She is very protective of her home and handler, but she is perfectly safe in varied situations and around all people accepted by her handler. Tasha has a very solid nerve base and is clear-headed. She can go anywhere with her handler day or night. She has flown several times ( her longest flight was six hours) she is solid in airports and on long plane flights. She is a kind, intuitive dog who takes her job very seriously. She has a medium/high energy level. She needs a hike or a game of fetch in the morning but burns off the rest of her energy following her handler around town. She is a dog who needs mental stimulation and a job.



Fable’s Pedigree

In training for bed bug detection



Fable is a large female with a masculine look. She has exceptional receptive language ability. Living with her is like living with a child. She understands language so well that we talk to her in sentences and she responds. Her human like character makes her a joy to be around. She has excellent handler focus and is always making eye contact and checking in with her person. She is clear headed and takes commands in all situations without getting lost in distractions. She is a Velcro dog who is always with her handler. She is a problem solver to the extreme and is always top dog in any class or seminar we attend. She is wonderful with children and always keeps a close eye on on them. The only time she leaves her handler is when she has children to watch over.

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