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We asked Christine for a beta drive, housebroken trained pup with a kind, affectionate disposition. Christine and her husband John drove our pup King in an giant RV to our home in Michigan When King came out of their RV, he had a big doggie smile, wagged his tail, and gently licked our hands. We fell in love with him a first sight. Christine spent a few days teaching us to learn King’s commands and showed how to prepare his meal. Christine showed us King’s perfect off the leash manners in Home Depot, and in our shopping area. Christine hand’s on instruction gave us confidence that we would be able to manage King. We have had King for four months and he is a delight, so much so neighbors have offered to walk him and to pet sit him for free. We tell each other how lucky we are to own such a lovely dog. . Buying a dog from Christine is one of the best decisions we have made.

Fran Levinson, 2020

We asked Christine to find a pup for us that she would train to be obedient, housebroken, friendly, loving, and affectionate. She bought us King who exceeds our expectations. He loves everyone in the family. He is kind to strangers, and. he a happy dog with a great attitude. I can’t praise Christine enough for always being there for us. She has a dog whisper magic touch that produces top of the line German Shepards

Rex Levinson, 2020

Dogs are an enormous part of my life so picking where to get my next pup was a big decision. I am so glad I trusted in Christine and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. The puppy is all you could ask for with a knack for learning and bonding. She’s truly on a different level than her peers in training classes. I got to spend time in Arizona seeing how things are run and was thoroughly impressed. The dogs are cared for with as much love in the early stages of their lives as when they go to their forever homes. In the process of getting the puppy Christine also educated me how to become a better dog owner. Her support has been more than I ever expected. It’s just one example of how committed she is to the dogs and reason why I would recommend Tre Good to anyone looking to add a special new family member.

Lee Thomas, 2019

This is one of the best breeding programs in Arizona, and possibly one of the best in the Nation. What Christine Scattergood is doing in this program is offering you one of the best German Shepherd lines, and also enhancing the German Shepherd Dog as a whole. Many AKC registered breeders produce not only terrible pet dogs in temperament, but also in health. The AKC has exacerbated many of the genetic problems throughout every breed, and have left many breeds close to a crisis in the United States. The fact that Christine is knowledgeable enough to escape the popular method of line-breeding and has sought to extend the genetic variation in her dogs is something every potential owner should be thankful of.
Christine widens the potential in all of her dogs through her amazing breeding and rearing practices.
Breeding a dog, and buying a dog should not be about how well a puppy fits the AKC standard for the breed, nor should it be about having a puppy that is the son/daughter of an admired dog. It should all revolve around the good health and mental stability of your new family member.
I have no doubt that you will be getting an extraordinary pup from Christine with not only better health, but also better mental stability than many other German Shepherd breeders around.
I currently do not have a Tre’ Good Shepherd, as badly as I want one, and that is because my current Shepherd.
My current Shepherd was born to AKC registered parents from a breeder with dogs that were of direct German lineage. They were all titled. With Shutzund, Rally-O, Agility, and herding trial titles on all of her breeding stock. Some of my dog’s older sisters and brothers were search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and one was a service dog… The breeder had a wonderful health guarantee against DM and hip and elbow dysplasia. The breeder promised me a phenomenal dog! $3,500 sounded like a good investment for a smart and healthy new companion, and service dog for my disability.
Five years later, I have spent thousands of dollars on allergy medicines and treatments, and vets now believe she has a genetic Auto-Immune disease. To top it off, she is also very mentally unstable. She is very animal aggressive, and reactive. She has cost me many more thousands in training, with trainers believing this is has a genetic bases. (she was attacked by a stray dog as a puppy which certainly may have aggravated things.)
In later research I discovered that her breeder may have been practicing line-breeding.
I love my Shepherd dearly. She is smart, and loving. However, I am stuck constantly managing her aggression, medicating, bathing, and cooking special food for her. She can not assist me with my disability and has aggravated anxiety and depression. I can not responsibly get another dog at this time.
The breeder I got her from was not horrible. She was actually one of the more responsible ones in my area. She trained her dogs well, spent money on testing and x-rays, and I certainly could have picked worse. And granted, even the best breeder can have a pup that may not be perfect.
However, with Tre’ Good German Shepherds you are greatly influencing the odds to be in your favor of having as close to a perfect German Shepherd Dog as possible.
Even if you don’t get a puppy from Tre’ Good, I encourage you to support what Christine Scattergood is doing.
Any dog owner, trainer, or breeder could benefit by learning a thing or two from her.


I purchased Sage from Christine in April of this year. She is from Scott and Fable’s winter litter. I could not be happier with the pup, she has really been a joy. She is a very smart, polite and beautiful black sable puppy. She gets along well with other pups, children and cats. She is a medium drive pup, very athletic and fast. She has a very strong ball and retrieve drive which makes exercise a breeze. She is also a great swimmer who does well on the boat. She is very adaptable and does great as a camping/hiking/adventure companion but is calm and relaxed indoors. She is always protective of us but never aggressive. We are always complimented on how well behaved and beautiful she is when we are in public. I would recommend any of Christine’s dogs. If you are looking for a high quality, balanced and healthy German Shepherd puppy I would look no further. She stands by her dogs and offers lifetime support for any questions or concerns that you may have.


We can’t thank you enough for Tasha. She has changed my husband’s life. She is by his side at all times and has bonded well with the rest of the family. We have a dog training background and her obedience is far above anything we have ever seen. She is rock solid stable in all situations and we have received so many compliments on her behavior. She never misses an alert and constantly surprises us with her instincts. Yesterday she made sure all of the family stopped before crossing a busy street, pausing at the crosswalk to make sure we all looked and we were all together. Her superior training and genetics have allowed him to do things more independently. We would never consider purchasing a service dog from anyone else and when the time comes for Tasha to retire down the road, we hope to adopt another from this great line. Additional training and hospitality we received at the Tre’good facility far exceeded our expectations. We love our Tre’good dog!

Missy Burke, 2018

Tre Good GSD’s are amazing and they are beautiful, healthy, clear headed and smart. Christine is honest and you can trust her completely.

I researched Tre Good carefully and I was impressed by what I learned.
It is difficult to find a breeder/ trainer that you can trust but when you get your puppy from Tre Good, you can be assured that your dog is everything you want in a GSD and more.

It is important to understand that Tre Good pups are extremely smart, learn quickly and can solve problems quickly.
As an example, my dog has a favorite ball and initially he barked when he wanted to play with it. I did not want him to bark and with very little input from me, he created a signal and now he opens and shuts his mouth without barking when he wants to play with that specific ball and for no other toy.

He quickly learned the names for four of his toys and will search for them by name. It is interesting to see that he understands names for specific balls and can distinguish “good ball” from “blue ball”.

Christine devotes hundreds of hours with each pup to provide learning activities, socialization and good manners. Watching her dogs work is a treat because they are alert, eager to learn and love what they are doing.

The pups do not live in kennels, but are raised with a family and Christine works with them daily. She may take the dogs to the city, to the farmers market or work with them in carefully planned play that is designed to stimulate them and provide “real life” experiences.

Christine does not sell pups sight unseen and wants to make sure the pup you get is the one best suited for your lifestyle and needs.

She remains in contact with owners and she is available when you have questions. She is completely honest, she carefully breeds for specific qualities and you can trust her completely.

Devra Carmichael, 2017

I purchased a puppy from the September 5th, 2016 litter of Anouk and Tasha. I had spoken with Christine over the phone several months earlier and told her what we were looking for. We wanted a male with low to medium energy to fit into my household with two young daughters but still had the ability to be protective of the family. Our previous shepherd had passed away a few months earlier. He was a large Czech male with strong working, prey, and protection drives. And while he was a great dog, he required constant training and wanted to work all the time. We didn’t have the time to put into a high drive dog like him again. We were looking for a dog with all the great qualities of our previous dog, but would be happy relaxing with us and not feel he needed to be working all the time. Christine understood exactly what we were looking for and put us on her list while she waited for a pup that would be a fit for us. During the time that we were waiting for a puppy, Christine maintained communication with us and was there to answer any questions I had and was not at all bothered by me periodically contacting her to get updates. She eventually contacted me to let me know that she had a puppy identified for us based on our needs. She kept me up to date on our pups progress by sending me pictures and videos so we could watch him develop. We chose to take possession of the puppy around 13-14 weeks rather than at 8 so she could build the foundation for his training.

When we received our puppy he was everything we could have hoped for and more. Not only was he a beautiful dog, you could tell a lot of time and care had been put into his development and socialization. We were able to hit the ground running with his training and he adapted to us immediately.

At around 16 weeks we took our pup (Axel) to work with the trainer who had help me train my previous GSD and several rescue dogs I had fostered. He is a very well respected trainer and breeder in our area with over 30 years of experience. When he met Axel he was blown away. He told me several times how impressed he was with his ability to learn and understand what we wanted him to do. He also told me how rare it was for a 16 week old puppy to have that amount of focus and such sound nerves and confidence. He recommended we also do nose work with him and said that he is a candidate to do any type of training we wanted. And his eye contact is what impressed him most. Axel would stare at me for very long periods of time waiting for me to tell him the next thing to do. Hearing him give my pup such high praises made me very proud and also made me confident we had made the right choice going with Christine and Tre Good for our new family member. My family and I couldn’t be happier.

Ron Whitmill, 2016

I bought the alpha male from the B litter, June 2015. I could not be happier with him; he is a strong, confident dog that will go anywhere and do anything I ask of him, and is at the same time very easy to train and handle. Nothing bothers him, he has strong nerve and a very even temperament, phenomenal nose, and no aggression issues at all with dogs or people. I deeply appreciate his focus on me, even if he’s off playing he always knows where I am and checks in frequently to make sure I’m ok and that he’s not doing anything I disapprove of. I started protection training with him when he was 11 months, because his confidence was high and he was already showing strong instinct for the job. My trainer loves him-the dog reacts very quickly, and turns off quickly. He’ll definitely go to PPD3. His obedience is quick and correct, he loves to work and loves to be taught new things. He is a dog that needs a job and excels at what you give him. He could easily do well at Schutzhund. My dog is a medium/high energy dog, we walk and hike 8-10 miles every day, plus training at home. And yes, I have a job too! haha . To me, my dear friend is what the GSD should be. He is not watered down, he is not a Golden Retriever on the inside. He is strong, powerful, loyal, smart, quick and agile…and every day I have to rise to the occaision. I could not be happier!

M. Lewis, 2016

We are so happy with our Scott! He is our first GSD and we are so very pleased. From The very beginning Christine was straight forward with us about the ” Special needs of a Shepard” . It’s alot like having a toddler running around the house. Knowing that in advance was a huge help. As we have been Rottie people and they don’t have the energy as a GSD. She talked to us about our needs and told us that not every litter produces a service animal and not the size that my husband needed. So we were put on the list in hopes that one would arrive. About 4 weeks old we were told she had to 2 possible pups. We went to Flagstaff to meet the 2 pups.
We found Scott at that time. He smelled Mike’s medication and could tell at that age something was different. We read the books that Christine recommended on her site and I learned about the raw diet. We continued to go to Flagstaff every weekend from Tucson to meet with Scott and the other pups to make sure he was the one and to build a bond with the puppy. We also became friends with Christine and her Family over this time. He knowledge really helped us to make this huge step with Scott, as he is our first Service animal. When we visit them at 6 weeks old we were very impressed that she had the puppies already trained to sit before they got their treats, and to sleep in the car! And the holistic way they were being brought up confirmed our decision that Tre’Good was the right breeder for us. When Scott came to our home at 11 weeks the transition was so smooth, he never wimper or cried because of her having him wait a few extra weeks to leave the pack, and our time invested in him before the change.
Mike stayed on the phone almost daily getting pointers on training and giving her updates on Scott. He was able to pass the public access test at 4 months. Alot of people couldn’t believe this, but it did happen. Scott is hungry to learn new things. We never push him, he WANTS to learn. And when we don’t stimulate him both mentally and physically he can be a huge handful. Now Scott is almost 7 months old he has traveled to Ca. and FL. He has been on a plane, train, boat, and even went to Disney world. People are so attracted to him they wanted to have pictures made with him just like the Disney Actors.
Today Scott helped me unload the dryer, he has never been trained to do this he just wants to please. He spends all his time with either Mike or I, and loves to be with people. I am planning on having him bred when he is older and ready to retire. We want to continue his line as a service dog, as he is so impressive. I know this has come from all the hard work and effort that Tre’Good has put into the dogs. They are truly loved and cared for. And I know it’s not about making a profit (which is always nice to do) for Tre’Good as I have seen them invest money into their animals that people would not believe. I highly recommend TRE’Good Shepard to anyone who is serious about having a GSD. I do want to warn you to ask questions and do your homework on the breed BEFORE you take one home. As they are VERT smart and NEED attention. They are not the dog to leave home alone all the time. As Scott gets bored and opens draws and pulls out clothes, or he will rearrange the furniture. So please make sure you are up to this breed, and if you are I am confident you will also have a wonderful GSD from Tre’Good!

Autumn Thomas, 2015

A little overdue but better late than never 🙂

So I found Tre’Good because I had looked at all the sable coated german shepherd breeders in California literally up and down the state. None really satisfied my taste in terms of the type of dog they were putting out. Almost all were schutzund trained and barely reliable in terms of obedience. That is what drew me to Tre’Good and made me drive 8 hours to come check out her gorgeous / handsome dogs.

I’ll give you my scenario, I’m a home owner that will be having roommates and didn’t want to worry about the liability of having a more aggressive dog in the house but still have a german shepherd and companion. I picked up Nooks from her about a month ago and I feel like I’m the luckiest person ever to have gotten this smart dog. The other very important thing is Christine actually CARES about her dogs, from what she feeds them to saying goodbye. It’s not like a typical breeder experience where they just hand you a pup, you sign a paper and you’re out the door no emotion.

Nooks is by far the best dog I’ve ever had in my life and the smartest. He’s surpassed my expectations and honestly great with people and strangers. Granted don’t try to break in the house or if you’re wildlife come near our camp grounds cause he will chase you away lol…

For me what justifies the cost is this is going to be your companion for the next (x) amount of years. I want the best dog I can have with the least amount of stress and just have fun and reinforce any previous training. Because Christines training on these dogs is by FAR worth it. Every week I find a new reason to appreciate the training he had already and we still practice things left and right just for my own sake.

People may look at me a little crazy when I say I drove 8 hours to get Nooks but they also look at me crazy when they see how well behaved and trained he is. You know 100% what you’re getting from Tre’Goods dogs where you just don’t with other peoples.


I would like to comment on Tre’Good German Shepherds as I have had personal experience with several GSD’s from this kennel. I am a Service Dog provider/trainer and Executive Director for Gentle Hearts Service Dogs in Arizona. I was asked to evaluate several GSD’s from this kennel for Public Access Skills as well as temperament and obedience skills. I must say that having been involved in the canine behavior field for over 30 years, these appear to be some of the finest Shepherds I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I am not a “show dog” person and do not profess to know all the ins and outs of that culture. I do respect those that are involved in that culture, but that was not my focus when I was involved with the GSD’s from Tre’Good.
The quality of obedience skills as well as the even temperament that I observed was extremely high, in my opinion.
I would have no problem in recommending Tre’Good German Shepherds to anyone looking for a quality animal that obviously has been professionally trained with care and love.

Gary DeGeronimo
Gentle Hearts Service Dogs
Facebook: Gentle Hearts Service Dogs


Apollo, 2014 litter
Yesterday, my vet said that he is the very best German Shepherd puppy he has seen in twenty-three years.
He said that, like you and I, he expects great things from the little guy. V.H.

-V.H., 2014

Ava is now in her new home in Tempe and doing great. She is a spectacular example of a well bred German Shepherd. She is a very nice combination of dominance, confidence and affection and beauty thrown in. I could not be happier! Christine has been so wonderful with all of her knowledge. From the first contact she has provided timely, accurate and valuable information. Thank you so much Christine and gang for providing me with such a great family member. Thanks….Kent

Kent Kortsen, 2014